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What’s the big idea?

February 14, 2011

So David Cameron is on a mission. Que the Mission Impossible theme tune and let’s all watch the action unfold.

Oh wait, we’re the ones who must spring into action according to Mr Cameron. Take back control of our neighbourhoods and mend this broken society we’ve all become embroiled in.

He makes it sound like the whole of the UK has plunged into an episode of Shameless.

Mr Cameron’s bleating calls to arms (minus the actual ‘arms’ part as this would defeat the point of the Big Society) for volunteers to monitor our libraries (if we have any left), pull weeds from our parks (as long as he doesn’t try to sell them off too), and generally monitor everyday occurrences have somewhat of a hall monitor approach to them.

Pretending to remove the power from the state and give it back to the people, but by using people that the government have recruited and deemed suitable for the job seems like a little bit of a Trojan manoeuvre.

I’m not wholly against giving more power to communities, but I’m not sure Mr Cameron or his government has a deep enough understanding of the society they are referring to. They’ve never really had any experience of it, bar what they read in reports or happen to see in the news. It’s like the Pope giving advice on sex.

Most of us that live down here on a day-to-day basis are more than aware of the problems he talks about. They’ve been around for a while and anyone who watches Secret Millionaire will know that numerous volunteer projects already exist in the most deprived areas, they just don’t get any recognition or a lot, if any, funding.

Neither am I against volunteering, however I’m intrigued to know how Mr Cameron intends to entice people, when most viable candidates are working later than ever before and couldn’t afford to get somewhere on top of paying extortionate prices just to get to work. From this perspective it does seem like a bit of a rock and a hard place situation, but from Mr Cameron’s raised vantage point it appears to look like clouds and rainbows.

I’m also a little wary of why this is all over the news now. Call me cynical but I can’t help feeling there’s something else waiting in the wings ready to drop on us and provide an even cheerier start to the year on top of the £1.30 per a litre petrol prices and VAT hike.

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