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Visual Talents

February 9, 2011

I had originally started writing a blog post about about something completely different but I was distracted by some lovely images taken by a friend of mine.  I have a bit of a soft spot for photography, not in the sense that I harbour secret desires to be a photographer, just that I love it as a form of expression.

As a creative person, seeing the different methods other people employ to convey something beautiful, ugly, different or even just plain, everyday occurrences really interests me.  A scene that I might describe one way using words could be shown completely different through an image or, put together, they could enhance each other, giving more power to the imagination.

During a conversation with a very mathematically gifted friend we discussed how I look at things and see words, phrases or sentences, where as he looks at the same things and sees patterns and rhythms, the photographer friend mentioned above said he viewed the same things in a frame. The brain’s ability to process the same vision in accordance with specific individual talent is frankly, quite amazing.

And now I’ve entirely forgotten what else I was going to write about…



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