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Letter from no-man’s land

January 5, 2011

To David, Nick or Ed

I’m an educated individual with money on my mind. I have coppers in my hand and a tear in my eye.

I may be slightly paraphrasing from a well known song but the sentiment, however, is the same. Despite working from the age of 16, being made redundant twice and moving from family and friends in order to keep myself employed it’s good to know I qualify for absolutely nothing.

I’m not looking for a round of applause just for getting off my backside and working for a living, plenty of people manage it on a daily basis. Neither do I particularly want to be in the situation where I require government help, but unfortunately and very much due to circumstances out-with my control that’s where I have found myself in the not too distant past.

Official advice is to call and check what help is available to you. Suffice to say it was a short conversation. With no chain of children dangling from my hip or known addictions, there was nothing available to help. Stuck in no-man’s land, not poor enough yet several inches short of making the belt ends meet.

Mind you, it’s a busy no-man’s land, there’s an awful lot of people in the same bare, no-frills boat just bobbing along and trying to avoid the rocks. Just so you know, statements telling us that it’s going to be a hard time ahead are somewhat redundant (much like the populace of the country you’re meant to be running/would like to run in your case Ed) to be honest, so it’s maybe better saving your breath for all that hot air needed to keep Parliament going during this harsh winter.

Although it’s a sad truth and much ranted about, it still baffles me that the people who do work hard and just want to get by are often the ones most penalised, whilst the ones whose hard work has creates serious financial problems are rewarded and sent on their merry millionaire way.

There’s no excuse that any of you (or your speech writers)  could come up with that would alleviate the avalanche of frustration and anger that is gathering pace throughout the country. I suspect the hardest times will be faced by you, either one, or all of you because the rest of us have learned to get on with it by periodically spouting angry rants, or protesting, or emigrating and just leaving you to it.

Boys, the situation is bad. So bad, I had to quote Coolio, and believe me that’s not something I take any pleasure in. So please, make yourselves a decent cup of tea, take a deep breath and man up.




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