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Partying in the Motherland

January 2, 2011

This blog is long overdue for an update and what better way to start the new year than a post about the land in which Ne’er Day has its roots.

Being Scottish at this time of year has its pressures, you’re expected to have plans for Hogmanay such as wild parties involving epic quantities of booze. The chaos of the spirits aisle and the large gaps in the shelves in Tesco at 4pm on New Year’s Eve do little to dispel this theory.

Sadly, being the old, boring hermit I am, my plans involved a bath, the television, the obligatory steak pie and a wee swally for the bells. Each year, Scottish television airs Hogmanay specials; Only an Excuse (funnier if you have any clue about Scottish football) and Jackie Bird with her bizarre voice doing the countdown usually top the bill. I remember being allowed to stay up and watch these programmes when I was wee and the importance Scotland places on Hogmanay, and the pride it has in taking the responsibility for having a proper knees up, has never waned.

In our family, New Year’s Day is the Clan gathering. Everyone piles round bringing their carry oot with them. For the unaware, the carry oot consists of a medley of booze to be offered to everyone else in the vicinity in a  round robin-type drinking style. The idea is everyone else drinks your alcohol and you drink theirs. It generally works rather well. Sprinkle some buffet-style food and nibbles and seventies music (for the elderly) plus one drunk uncle in the mix and you have the Hawthorn family New Year.

So here’s to 2011 and whatever it throws in our paths. Health, wealth and happiness to you all.


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