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Daily Mail article lacking magic spark

November 12, 2010

Today I was directed to an article on the Daily Mail site on the rise of Paganism in the UK. The fact this was from the Daily Mail had already set alarm bells off. It didn’t disappoint, it’s been a while since I’ve read such an obviously inflammatory and biased feature masquerading as a strong piece of journalism.

Along with the obligatory naked woman on a pentagram, and insinuation that Stonehenge is the peak of spiritual locations for all pagans, the article was dragged further down by a strong undercurrent of contempt from its author. If its main aim was to provoke angry reactions from both those for and against then it was a massive success. However, as a constructive piece of well thought out and researched journalism, I must refer to one Facebook comment which simply said ‘Daily Fail strikes again’ .

Writing with my journalist head on, I was horrified that such an article was allowed to be published. Speaking as a pagan, I was horrified that such an article was published. It does nothing for the reputation of quality journalism or pagan faiths.

I’m aware that I’m increasing its range of coverage, but I, unlike the author of the aforementioned article, believe in fair unbiased reporting. So here’s the link to read and have your own thoughts on.–harmless-eccentrics-dangerous-cult.html


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